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Tips For Choosing Your First Reptile

Reptiles offer some wonderful charms and benefits. They’re quiet, don’t need training, and don’t really…
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Tips For Adopting A Rescued Bird

Well, January has gone to the birds: it’s Adopt A Rescued Bird Month. If you…
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Christmas Parrot Care

The holidays have officially gone to the birds … well, for some of us, anyway.…
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Choosing A Pet Lizard

Lizards are very beautiful and fascinating animals. While they will probably never be as popular…
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Does your kitty get a bit crabby sometimes? Does Fluffy sometimes bite or scratch, seemingly…
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Turkey Care Tips

Did you know that today, November 1st, is Adopt A Turkey Day? We know, November…
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Bird Perches 101

Do you ever observe wild birds? You’ll notice that they’re constantly perching on and moving…
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Simple Ways To Spoil Your Cat

Kitties may very well be the purrfect pets. They’re clean, low maintenance, super cute and…
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Caring For Your Dog’s Teeth

Dental problems are very common in our canine companions. In fact, as many as 80…
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