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Husbandry for Reptiles

Reptiles are a special kind of pet. Not only do they have unique personalities, but they also require a different level of care. Unlike dogs, cats and other warm-blooded species, keeping reptiles healthy and happy requires certain modifications and accommodations to help them survive and thrive in captivity. This specialized care is referred to as husbandry.

At Flamingo Pet Clinic, our doctors are well-versed in the care and keeping of reptiles and other exotic pets. We can help you set your scaly companion up for success through everything from diet and habitat to routine veterinary care, which is essential for reptilian species.

Reptile Wellness Care

Just as it’s important to bring your dog or cat to the vet on a regular basis for routine wellness exams and health screenings, regular veterinary care is also essential for captive reptiles. By performing a thorough physical exam and running certain routine diagnostic tests, the doctor can help keep your pet a step ahead of illness. This can add years to that special critter’s life.

Depending on the species and temperament of your reptilian companion, we may recommend safe sedation during the exam and/or diagnostic tests. Aggressive snakes or lizards, for example, may need to be sedated in order to obtain blood samples. Reptiles that are easily stressed may also do better under sedation, as the experience will be less taxing on them. 

We will determine the best way to approach your pet’s specific needs and develop a customized health care strategy that’s tailored to his or her unique needs and requirements.

Reptile Care at Home

As mentioned, reptiles have certain needs that more traditional pets do not. For instance, because they are cold-blooded, their enclosures must accommodate their needs for temperature, lighting and humidity levels. 

What’s more, each species and subspecies may have its own unique requirements. Some tortoises and lizards, for example, require a basking area of more than a hundred degrees Fahrenheit to maintain an optimal body temperature. Likewise, certain snakes require extremely high humidity in order to survive.

Our team of experts is here to advise you on the specific care requirements of your chosen pet. Whether it’s guidance on what, when and how to feed your pet, direction on how to set up your pet’s habitat, instruction on how to prevent common illnesses, or something else, you can count on us to help you, every step of the way!

Reptiles can make amazing, fascinating and surprisingly loyal companions. As their human caretakers, it’s our duty to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure they remain as happy, healthy and balanced as possible. If you have questions about a new or existing reptile, don’t hesitate to give the pros at Flamingo Pet Clinic a call. Together we will help your special friend thrive for many years to come!