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Your pet’s emotional and physical well-being is prioritized with every visit. We put the patients first!


Carolina “Kat” Martinez

Licensed Veterinary Technician


Bryanna Kenton

Licensed Veterinary Technician

When a child’s parents own a pet clinic, it’s only natural for that child to grow up being surrounded by animals and developing a deep love for them. Don’t believe this to be so? Just ask Bryanna, because she was that child! Her parents have owned Flamingo Pet Clinic for many years, and now that she’s a licensed veterinary technician, Bryanna gets to work there and help animals to the best of her ability.

Bryanna loves several aspects of being a part of the Flamingo Pet Clinic staff, but her absolute favorite thing to do is work with avians. Since the clinic is one of the few remaining locations that will see birds, Bryanna finds herself enjoying taking care of the delicate creatures.

Bryanna enjoys birds so much that she even has a pet blue Quaker parrot named Luna. The bird talks on occasion, but for the most part whispers and makes random noises!


Cecilia Rubio

Veterinary Assistant

As far back as Cici can remember, she knew she wanted to work with animals. She finds it fascinating how, even though they aren’t able to speak to us in words, they somehow find a way to get their message across. Making that connection and figuring out how to help an animal in need is something that motivates Cici each and every day.

Cici attended the veterinary assistant program at Pima Medical Institute. A few months of studying and she went right into the workforce. In 2018, after completing her program, Cici joined the Flamingo Pet Clinic team. She loves just about every aspect of the job – especially the added perk of being able to play with puppies and kittens!

Outside of the clinic, Cici lives with her husband and their seven pets: kitties Coraline, Anakin and Bandit, who are siblings; two ducks named Little Brother and Le Quack; a speckled Amazon named Benjamin; and the most recent addition to the family, a Doberman named Apollo.


William Kenton

Veterinary Assistant


Jordyn Kenton

Veterinary Assistant


Shannon Solooki

Veterinary Technician


Leslee Arias

Kennel Assistant

For as long as she can remember, Leslee has always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. To her, there is nothing more rewarding than helping animals who cannot help themselves. And while her job as a kennel assistant may not always be easy, it’s something she wakes up looking forward to each and every day.

Professionally, Leslee enjoys assisting with x-rays and has a particular affinity for bathing dogs – a job duty she refers to as wet but fun. When asked about memorable incidents, Leslee recalls a dog who came into the clinic with a bad wound. While the prognosis seemed grim, when Leslee looked into that dog’s eyes, she saw a spark and a will to live. The dog pulled through, and Leslee got to be by her side through most of her recovery. It was an incredible experience she will never forget.

At home, Leslee has a zoo of her own animals, including five dogs, three birds, three turtles, three guinea pigs, and five small fish. Her pride and joy is her oldest dog, Shadow. Over a decade ago, Shadow was found abandoned in an apartment. She was skin and bones. Today, Shadow is a grouchy old couch potato who is loved and spoiled.

Leslee’s personal interests include watching anime, spending time with family, and enjoying musicals.


Maria Carrillo

Kennel Assistant


Crystal McIntosh


Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, Crystal has been a part of the Flamingo Pet Clinic team since 2017. When she’s not running our busy front desk, Crystal can usually be found spending quality time with her three pets: Mason, a Shih Tzu who loves car rides and treats; Wednesday (a.k.a. pig or wiggles), a Chihuahua who loves to bark and is a homebody; and Morticia (a.k.a. tutu or toodles) the cat, who loves morning cuddles and playing in water. Crystal’s interests include anything Halloween, spooky or scary. She also enjoys practicing Pilates.


Christopher Bachli

Receptionist/ Front Office Lead

Several years ago, Christopher found himself miserable, working at a job he absolutely hated. When a friend of his mentioned an opening Flamingo Pet Clinic for a receptionist, he decided to take a chance and apply. Today, he couldn’t be happier with that decision!

Professionally, Christopher enjoys finding new and better ways to make our clinic run more smoothly – something that’s appreciated by his coworkers and our clients alike. And, of course, there’s the fact that he gets to snuggle with puppies and kittens all the time. What’s not to love about that?!?

At home, Christopher lives with his partner, Shane, and their two dogs: Sara, an easy-going Chihuahua who loves to lay in front of the fan, and Meimei, an energetic Pug/Shih Tzu mix. In his spare time, Christopher enjoys going on hikes, tackling home improvement projects, watching movies, and collecting comic books. A talented artist, several of his pieces are currently on display at a local comic book shop.


Candice Baker

Veterinary Assistant


Nancy Laredo

Veterinary Assistant