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Grooming Your Cat
August 1, 2023

Cats are very clean, which is a definite bonus to choosing one as a pet. Fluffy will diligently care for her fur and coat every day. In fact, your kitty may spend as much as a third of her waking hours cleaning herself! However, she may still need a bit of assistance with her beauty routine. Here, a Las Vegas, NV vet offers some advice on grooming cats.

Brushing Benefits

Brushing is helpful for a few reasons. First and foremost, it traps dead fur and dander. Fluffy’s coat will be cleaner and softer, and will be more effective at insulating her from extreme weather. She’ll also ingest less fur and dust when grooming herself. That in turn means fewer hairballs, which are no fun for either of you. Plus, brushing gives you time to bond with your pet and make her feel pampered. You’ll also be able to discreetly check her body condition: keep an eye out for things like lumps, bumps, or bruises.

Do’s And Don’ts

There are a few rules to keep in mind about grooming Fluffy. You’ll need to convince her that she is being pampered, not punished. At first, just pet her. Get that motor going, then gently incorporate the brush. Don’t pull too hard: cats have quite delicate skin, so you run the risk of injuring her by using too much force. Also, don’t force your kitty to submit if she isn’t feeling it. It’s better to let her go, as otherwise she may become wary of being held or brushed, which will only make things more difficult.


You don’t have to bathe cats, though you can if you want to. Use a shampoo made just for Fluffy, and make sure the water isn’t too hot or cold. It should be lukewarm and, if you’re using a tub or sink, no deeper than your furry friend’s chest. Don’t get soap in her face or ears: you can just use a washcloth or pet wipe to gently clean her head. Rinse well, and then gently pat Fluffy dry with a soft towel. You don’t have to dry her completely: just get as much water out of her coat as you can. She’ll groom herself and redo her hairstyle as soon as you let her go.

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