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5 Ways To Keep Fido Cool This Summer
June 15, 2023

Summer can be pretty hard on our canine companions. Fido is not only wearing a fur coat, he also doesn’t have many options for cooling himself down if he overheats. A Las Vegas, NV vet lists some ways to keep your pooch cool in this article.


Keeping Fido properly hydrated is crucial. You may need to set out extra water stations, particularly if you have more than one dog and/or a large house. Automatic waterers are also a good bet, particularly for when you’re at work. Go ahead and drop a few ice cubes into your pup’s dish when it’s cold. If you take your four-legged buddy out and about, always bring water along. (Note: never leave your dog in a parked car.)

Cold Snacks

Want to get that cute tail going? Offer Fido a frozen treat. You can find doggy ice cream in many stores and supermarkets. There are also plenty of recipes for homemade versions. For something even easier, just stuff a Kong with something suitable, such as applesauce, natural peanut butter, or canned food, and freeze it. The main thing here is to make sure that you are sticking to things that are safe for your furry pal. Ask your vet for recommendations.


A proper beauty care regimen will also go a long way in helping your pooch stay cool and comfy on sweltering days. Some dogs will also be more comfortable with a cute summer ‘do. Fido’s exact needs and haircut options will depend on the type of coat he has. Check with your vet if you aren’t sure.

Cool Spots

Your canine pal should always have cool, comfy spots to go to. Ideally, he should spend most of his time in climate-controlled rooms or areas. At the very least, he’ll need access to shady areas. Want to make your cute pet’s bed comfier? Add a cooling pad, point a fan at it, or put a frozen towel in it.


You may want to consider getting your furry buddy a cooling vest. As the name suggests, these are made to help pets cope with the heat. For a quick DIY option, wet a bandana and hang that around Fido’s neck.

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