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Entertaining Your Parrot
May 15, 2023

Parrot Day is coming up on May 31st. Our pretty winged friends make very vivacious and fun pets. Polly does need a lot of care and attention, though. In fact, a big part of keeping your feathered buddy happy entails making sure that she has plenty of fun toys to entertain herself with. A local Las Vegas, NV vet offers some advice on parrot entertainment in this article.

Keep Things Fresh

Polly will need plenty of toys. You can buy her playthings, but you can also make them. There are plenty of great DIY options for bird toys you can make out of things like beads, buttons, shower curtain rings, playing cards … the list goes on! The main thing is to change and rotate these toys regularly, so your colorful pal always has something new to play with.

Polly’s Playlist

Birdsong is the oldest type of music, if you think about it. Polly loves to dance, which is really fun to watch. Play different songs for your feathered friend, and see what she likes. Then, incorporate her favorites into a playlist you can turn on when you’re out.

Free Bird

Free Bird may or may not be your winged buddy’s favorite song, but it’s definitely her favorite time of day. Make sure your little buddy has several hours out of her cage every day.

Dance Party

We never get tired of seeing cute videos of birds happily dancing and bopping to their favorite songs. Why not dance with Polly? This is a cute way to have some fun with your pet!

Outdoor Fun

It can be dangerous to let Polly go outdoors, as she could of course fly away. However, you can bring her cage outside when it’s nice. Another option is to make your winged pal an outdoor aviary.

Bird Spa

Birds are quite clean, and they enjoy taking regular baths. Make Polly a little spa by offering a good birdbath. Our feathered companions all have their own tastes on what they do and do not like as far as bathing. Some like baths, while others may prefer a perch in the shower.


Variety is the spice of life! Offer Polly different types of treats on occasion. Just stick with safe foods. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have questions about parrot care? Contact us, your Las Vegas, NV pet hospital, today!