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Fun DIY Toys To Make Polly For Bird Day
September 15, 2023

September 17th is Pet Bird Day! Birds are truly remarkable creatures: they’re intelligent, affectionate, charming, and lots of fun. If you have a feathered buddy, this is a great time to brighten up her day with some new toys. Store-bought toys are fine, but you can also make your own. A local Las Vegas, NV vet lists a few DIY options for your colorful pal below.

Hanging Toys

Hanging toys are lots of fun for our feathered pals. Some of the things you can incorporate include napkin rings, playing cards, cupcake wrappers, waxed paper cups, rice cakes, and thick poker chips. Use twine or string to hang them together. Plastic shower hooks work well, too.

Phone Book Toys

Birds love tearing into paper. If you happen to have an old book or phone book, you can hang that up in Polly’s cage. Otherwise, a ream of plain copy paper will work. Just punch a hole through the corner so you can attach it.


Birds love playing with strings of things. You can do this with beads, buttons, or unsalted almonds. Just use a safe twine. Don’t use fishing line or anything sharp.

Piñata For Polly

This one will take a little more effort. Use newspaper and a water-flour mix to make a pinata. Fill it with toys and treats for Polly to have at. You can also wrap things up in plain paper.

Egg Carton Surprise

Use cardboard egg cartons, not the Styrofoam kind, for this one. Put a small toy or snack in each cup. Close the lid, and let your winged companion have at it!

Pasta Fun

One cute quirk about Polly? She often loves playing with uncooked pasta. Put some spaghetti strands in something safe, like a plastic cup. You may be surprised at how much fun Polly has snapping the sticks.

Foraging Toys

Our feathered friends really enjoy digging through things for goodies. You can do this with a shoebox, wicker basket, or even a dish rack. Fill it with smaller items, and let Polly play. Just wrap any sharp spots on handles or edges.


Always put safety first. Don’t give Polly anything small or sharp, or anything she could get tangled in. Be careful with plastic as well: some bird can break it, which would present a choking hazard. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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