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Myths About Boarding Kennels
February 15, 2023

Are you going on vacation soon? Depending on where you’re going, you may need to find somewhere for your beloved pet to stay. Your animal friend would love to go everywhere with you, but that just isn’t always an option. Boarding is often the safest option, but sometimes people are hesitant to bring their pets to kennels. This is in large part due to misconceptions. A Las Vegas, NV vet lists some common myths about kennels in this article.

Fido Will Get Sick

There is an increased risk of disease when pets are kept in close quarters. However, proper kennel management can go a long way towards mitigating that. A thorough cleaning regimen is a must. The kennel should also require proof that your animal companion has been vaccinated against dangerous parasites and diseases, such as heartworm and Bordetella. Good kennels will also keep an eye out for signs of issues, such as diarrhea, coughing, and lethargy. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you choose a good kennel!

My Pet Won’t Get Any Exercise

In recent years, there has been a lot of progress in understanding how and why proper exercise and enrichment is so important to our animal companions. Many kennels now offer various options for exercise and playtime, which helps ensure that their adorable wards are getting the activity they need. We do recommend asking what your pet’s schedule for meals and playtime will be at the kennel: if it’s very different from their usual one, start making the adjustments ahead of your trip.

Fido Will Be Lonely

To be fair, your animal friend will miss you when you’re gone. However, your pet can still have fun at their hotel! Kennels offer options to keep your buddy active and entertained, such as walks and playtime. The main thing is keeping your furred or feathered companion safe and secure while you’re gone. If you’re concerned that your pet will be scared, or perhaps even think you abandoned them, set up an overnight stay before your trip. That will help get them used to being boarded. But don’t worry: your beloved pet will be waiting for you when you get back, safe and sound.

Do you have questions about boarding your pet? Contact us here at Flamingo Pet Clinic, your Las Vegas, NV animal hospital, today. We are always here to help!